October 26

19h30 – 22h30

Community dinner in Lisbon for all EIT Food Venture Summit participants
Meet and greet our pan-European community of leading start-up founders, corporate partners, and investors at a delicious dinner on the banks of the Tagus River in the ever-changing city of Lisbon

October 27


8h30 – 8h50

Venture Summit opens its doors –

Registration and Coffee

8h50 – 9h10

Welcome to the 5th EIT Food Venture Summit

Andy Zynga, CEO EIT Food

9h10 – 9h30

Opening Keynote

9h30 – 11h00: Enjoy a European tour of the agri-food tech start-up scene!

What are the main challenges faced by EU regions to successfully transform their food systems? What are their strengths and weaknesses to achieve this transformation through innovation? Who are the main players and (future) unicorns in these regions? What’s going on in:


Challenging times require outstanding solutions Panel moderated by CLC Director (Marja-Liisa Meurice) with 3 representatives of the Nordic ecosystem:

Johan Jörgensen

Founder and partner Sweden Foodtech


The appeal of the southern creative and entrepreneurial spirit Panel moderated by Begoña Perez-Villareal, EIT Food South Director, with:

Gonçalo Amorim

Vice-chairman of the board Food 4 Sustainability and CEO BGI, Portugal

Amaia Egia

New Business Development Manager at Mondragon Business Development Centre, Spain

Peter Krüger

Founder and chairman of Agrifood-tech Italia


Panel moderated by CLC Director (Martine Van Veelen) with 3 representatives of the BENELUX/French ecosystem:

Marie Breysse

ShakeUp Factory (FR)

Philippe Vanrie

Wagralim Food Cluster (BEL)

Loet Rammelsberg

StartLife (NL)

DACH region

CShaping the regional agrifood ecosystem in the heart of Europe Panel led by Marie Ammann, Business Creation Manager at EIT Food CLC Central, with:

North-western Islands

Panel moderated by CLC Director (Jayne Brookman) with 3 representatives of the North-western (UK, Ireland, Iceland) ecosystem

11h00 – 11h30

Coffee break

11h30 – 12h00

Winning together – How to make start-up-corporate collaboration work (incl. Corporate Venturing Award Ceremony)

What works already well when it comes to start-up / corporate collaborations, where is need for improvement? In this session we aim to identify together with selected experts from our EIT Food community best practices of start-up / corporate collaboration models.
Interactive session moderated by Marie Brueser, Corporate Venture Manager at EIT Food.

In the second half of the session, we will present the first ever EIT Food Corporate Venturing Award to recognize the outstanding commitment and achievements of selected corporate partners.

12h00 – 12h25

Seed Investing in Tumultuous Times

Raising seed capital during the current rapidly changing market conditions is critical. At the same time, the climate and food system urgency to scale new technologies and business models has never been greater. This panel will discuss why raising the right investment from the right investors is critical, and how to go about this challenge.

Panel hosted by FoodSparks® by PeakBridge and moderated by Thomas Van Den Boezem, Senior Associate.

12h25 – 13h25

Lunch break

13h25 – 13h50

Impact investing in the Agri-Food tech

What is behind the rise of impact investing in the agri-food sector? How do impact investors differ from “traditional VCs”? Are impact investors willing to sacrifice returns? How do you think like an impact investor to raise money? How do you measure impact performance and why is it important for start-ups raising funds?

Panel moderated by Martijn Blom, Manager for Benelux & Impact Funds Initiative Coordinator (EVPA – European Venture Philanthropy Association)

13h50 – 14h10

Start-up success story – Phytolon: Disruptive Solutions to Ancient Problems, Offered by Modern Biotechnology

Phytolon provides an ultimate solution to natural food coloring, soon to be adopted by leaders in the global food industry. Halim Jubran will speak about the path that Phytolon took to promote and scale its offering of natural food ingredients from fermentation.
Halim Jubran, Co-Founder CEO Phytolon

14h10 – 14h20

Introduction to the EIT Food mission framework

14h20 – 14h35

Introduction to Impact Start-up Competition – Sharon Cittone (Co-founder Edible Planet Ventures)

14h35 – 15h15

Mission: Healthier Lives through Food

How to increase health adjusted life years (HALYS) through food and what role technology plays? How to increase the availability of food products with improved nutritional profile to consumers, with reduced levels of salt, sugar, or trans and saturated fats?

  • Introduction of panel by Sharon C.
  • Panel discussion around mission: Healthier Lives through Food
  • Start-up pitches
  • Audience vote + Award-giving ceremony

15h15 – 15h45

Coffee break

15h45 – 16h25

Mission: A Net-Zero Food System

How to reduce CO2 and other significant environmental impacts in the food system?
How to increase the number of products on the market that use food waste, side-streams, alternative or new ingredients and improve environmental impact outcomes?

  • Introduction of panel by Sharon C.
  • Panel discussion around mission: Net-Zero Food System
  • Start-up pitches
  • Audience vote + Award-giving ceremony

16h25 – 17h05

Mission: A Fully Transparent, Resilient and Fair Food System

How to reduce the cost burden attached to food insecurity and food safety issues?
How to increase Societal Return on Investment due to the adoption of technology improving transparency, traceability, or security across the food system?

  • Introduction of panel by Sharon C.
  • Panel discussion around mission: A Fully Transparent, Resilient and Fair Food System
  • Start-up pitches
  • Audience vote + Award-giving ceremony

17h05 – 17h15

Closing words

Benoit Buntinx, Director of Business Creation EIT Food

17h15 – 18h30


Market place

9h00 – 18h00

Discover a selection of +40 start-ups across our 6 focus areas (sustainable aquaculture, sustainable agriculture, protein diversification, circular food systems, targeted nutrition and digital food traceability), try their prototype, test their product, discuss a possible pilot project or evaluate an investment opportunity

Matchmaking Start-up/Corporate – Start-up/Investor

9h00 – 18h00

Prepare for meetings in advance with the EIT Food portfolio booklet that will be shared with all registered participants and reserve a time slot for a quick or slow 1-on-1 meeting using our dedicated app. EIT Food team can help you to identify your targets! Take advantage of an adjacent room for quiet discussions and initiate promising collaborations.